Destination Beach Nightmare

Planning a destination event can seem fun, exciting, scary and nerve-racking.  Whether it’s for business, fun, reunion, incentive or group travel, CRE8AD8 has been planning destination events for over 10 years and continues to surprise our clients in every way, no matter the budget.

When planning your destination event, most clients tend to lean more towards a beach location for the outdoor events & receptions.  After all, we don’t blame you, the best views are usually right there.  However, what actually goes in to making that decision and location has a lot to do with the knowledge of a Certified Event Professional with extreme knowledge in Destination Planning.  It’s not just what Google says, it’s what we do.  CRE8AD8 Planners travel the world DSILY to examine these beaches, the drinks, the food, the service and much more so you don’t have to live with a nightmare.

Knowing the times of sunrise, sunset, weather, almanac reports and so much more including the details of your event and vision are just part of the process.

Picking the perfect spot for your event based on the time, time of year, weather, sunset and literally the tilt of the globe can make or break your perfect picture event.  We at CRE8AD8 take in to account all of these factors we can guarantee the majority of other event planning hobbyists never think of.

The beach itself can have a lot do to with the events and receptions as well.  Some sand may reflect light and make for bad exposure for photos.  Some sunsets may be right in the face of the lens of the photographer…or your guests.

Beach events are amazing and 99% of the time always memorable in many ways.  CRE8AD8 takes in account all these variables when thinking about your guests and special event.  Next time you think about your destination beach, think about CRE8AD8 and how much time we think about YOU!