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Personal & Business Needs
CRE8AD8 not only offers a full range of event & wedding leg work services, we also offer other services to complete and provide a fully rounded event making us your one stop for everything you need and want for that special occasion. We can take care of everything from fabulous to unique, plus:

  • Full-scale Event/Wedding Planning & Coordination for any client
  • Videography/Photography
  • Digital DVD/CD
  • Digital Scrapbooking
  • Photo enhancements and correction
  • Music Videos
  • Full-scale A/V equipment and rental
  • Travel consultation & planning
  • Personal face-to-face meetings for your event(no matter the location)
  • Honeymoon arrangements
  • Full-scale creation & design from start to end or even in between
  • Everything from Bounce-a-rounds to 5-star entertainers
  • And much more!

If you think there's something we can't make happen, just ask... we'll do it. No creation is out of our league. We'll find any service provider for any event, for any day, at any time.

CRE8 It!

Professional Solutions
CRE8AD8 also offers professional services to alleviate stress and hassle for the working class. CRE8AD8 offers you or your company the ability to become part of our elite and high class personal VIP member program. This service best compliments your busy work & personal life without you having the need to acquire a part-time or full-time employee. Our professional membership to this organization is best for those who require the assistance of:

  • Air travel
  • Hotel booking
  • Frequent traveler's needs
  • Car rentals
  • Business research
  • Lunch reservations
  • Tee times
  • And much more!

This best suits the needs of those who need our services(whether it be Event Creation or Travel Reservations) more than just once a month. You simply join an elite group of over hundreds of other professionals who request the assistance of our time every week to help them book that flight, reserve the hotel, or even plan that monthly mixer. We have several levels of VIP membership from Bronze to Diamond all depending on how often you think you'll use the service. If it's twice a month or twenty times a month... there's a VIP member option for you all within your budget. You'll have exclusive response time from our VIP department within 6 hours of submission of what you requested or your itinerary. The fabulous thing is that since you're a VIP member, there are no additional costs associated with your requests.

Please contact our VIP department at for more information!

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