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CRE8AD8 is an elite and new concept in event and wedding creation. We offer services like no other, at much more cost effective options. We won't just plan and coordinate your special occasion... we'll CRE8™ it!

CRE8AD8, LLC(Create A Date) is an Event Marketing Agency. We are headquartered out of San Antonio, Texas and specialize in special events such as Weddings, corporate events, Quinceañeras, Sweet 16 events and more! As an Event Marketing Agency, we:

  • DO NOT mark up pricing
  • DO NOT hide commissions
  • DO NOT receive kickbacks

Why let someone profit off your special event when you can save money utilizing a national Agency as your leverage? We are one of the very few Agencies registered in Texas. Eliminate the middleman on your next event. Stay within budget and save money! Let us do the leg work, find the best deals, save you money and take that burden off your shoulders.

From Individuals to Large Corporations, we'll CRE8™ anything.

Since CRE8AD8 uses many service providers, no two events are ever the same. Therefore, we take pride in what we do for the fact that we service dozens of clients every month, giving us the opportunity to take advantage of every aspect.

We work with clientele demands in any location around the world, on land or at sea. We will "CRE8™" plan, organize and even coordinate your event! The sky is the limit. Our team operates worldwide speaking multiple languages. With a full service staff, you're not just hiring one person and their assistant, you're getting a team of professionals producing your event whose experience is derived from the Special Events industry.

Contact us for monthly specials!

Facts About Us

  • 98% of the time we're under budget
  • Over 200 years of experience within our Agency
  • Fortune company clients
  • Fortune franchise clients
  • $500-$5 Million budgets
  • 25%-40% AVERAGE savings
  • Vendor network in the thousands
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Preferred Agency of local, regional & national organizations

Some Deciding factors

  • Need to save money?
  • Need a new perspective on your event?
  • Does your current Event Marketing company bring you people?
  • Know what you are doing, but need some creative design to the occasion?
  • Need help finding the right and credible service provider(s) for your occasion?
  • Know you can coordinate and plan the event; just need someone else to do the leg work for you?
  • Too busy to make it happen?
  • Forget that special day?
  • Want something new, but don't know what that is?
  • Want a unique experience?
  • Need someone else to negotiate and haggle for you?

These are just a few ways we can help CRE8™ that special occasion. Quote It! for more information or CRE8 It! if you know you're ready for a "CRE8IVE™" experience!

As an Agency, CRE8AD8 will bid, source, plan, coordinate, market, produce and close your event out all in one invoice. A CRE8IVE™ Consultant will set up a complementary consultation with you soon after you submit your request to gather more information and learn about what you're looking to produce. Once the CRE8IVE™ Consultant has gathered enough information, they will provide you with a "turn-key" quote to make it happen.

Most of our Quotes are put together by experienced Certified and Professional Planners who know what the fair and accurate pricing is in the industry to make the Quote as accurate as possible so there are no surprises. Once you have decided to "CRE8™" your date with us, we will go over more details and start to produce your event. The ideal situation for us is what you want. We can take you to every meeting and go through every detail or we can make it as easy as just showing up to the event. We are here to make your event memorable as we know you have choices.

How It Works
Simply go to our "CRE8™ It!" page and give us a little information about your particular occasion. Once you've filled out all the fields and thought of everything you'd like to tell us, our CRE8ORS™ will gather your information and personalize your occasion. (If you do not hear from us, please check your SPAM mailbox as we will make initial contact through e-mail to let you know we have received your request).

Once our CRE8ORS™ have decided what options we can CRE8™ for you, we'll contact you within 24-48 hours to the e-mail provided. Please allow us cordial time to respond to your request so that we may provide you with our full attention.

All requests and communication will be answered through the e-mail address provided in the "CRE8 It™" form. This is to ensure both parties have written confirmation of every aspect involved with your event.

If you need an event created within 24-48 hours, please contact (210) 399-7931 as soon as possible. We can create any event, any day, for anyone at anytime.

Our events are so varied that we try to list as many as possible that are most common, however, if you need an event that you do not see, no matter how unique the event, please let us know. Our CRE8ORS™ are trained to CRE8™ hundreds of possible events, no matter how unique you think they aren't!

We offer various payment options. All funds must be paid to CRE8AD8, LLC for proper disbursement.

Other invoicing options are available upon request.

How We Make It Work
You may be curious as to how CRE8AD8 can do what we do within your budget or even less! Let us give you two REAL LIFE examples:

Wedding Budget
Corporate Budget

As you can see, CRE8AD8 can save you money and stay within your budget even after hiring CRE8AD8 and a professional event planner. Our only question to you would be: Why are you still curious? "CRE8™ It"