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CRE8AD8, LLC, a National Corporate Event and Wedding Planning Agency,
is launching the newest of its services ... Concierge by CRE8AD8!

For the business professional who is always on the go, the traveler with no time to make reservations, the professional that doesn't need the assistant to make calls & the desire to save money, time and hassle. Concierge by CRE8AD8 will make that reservation, book a meeting, order lunch for the office, book travel or simply get a few phone numbers you can't seem to find.

Two minutes to take off and forget to order lunch for that Board Meeting or find a Steakhouse near your hotel for a client meeting? Forget today is your anniversary and didn't have time to order flowers and book that special table where you first met? Concierge by CRE8AD8 is here to save the day. Send us an e-mail in less than 30 seconds and we'll have it ready by the time you touch down! Your last minute thoughts are catered to. We're here from 7am-8pm CST to help you out, 7 days a week. Where else can you find a concierge at 7am or an assistant that will stay after 5pm?

Want to learn more?
Feel free to contact us and have your questions answered. Concierge Service

Concierge by CRE8AD8 offers multiple levels of support to give you a service amount that can fit your budget. All investments are made on a Quarterly basis.

Service Levels

  • The Bronzed Waiter:
    $50/month($150 Quarterly investment)
    - 5 requests and/or reservations*
  • The Silver Maître d':
    $125/month($375 Quarterly investment)
    - 15 requests and/or reservations*
  • The Golden Butler:
    $150/month($450 Quarterly investment)
    - 15 requests and/or reservations*
    - 5 lunch/meeting requests†
  • The Platinum Concierge:
    $300/month($900 Quarterly investment)
    - Unlimited requests and/or reservations*
    - 10 meeting requests†
    - 5 travel bookings‡

A valid credit card and related information must be on file with Concierge by CRE8AD8. Concierge by CRE8AD8 is not responsible for charges/penalties incurred by cancellation, fees, taxes or points used. Concierge by CRE8AD8 is an acting agent and only responsible for executing your requests and hold no legal liability. All requests will be answered within 2-4 hours the same business day. All services pre-billed 3 months in advance.

Concierge Direct Connect COMING SOON!

*Requests and reservations are for phone numbers, restaurants, concert will call, etc.
†Lunch and meeting requests cover ordering lunch for the office and requesting a meeting by e-mail to up to 10 recipients
‡Travel bookings are available for air, nautical and rail. Each request is made on custom basis. You will receive a call from the Concierge for credit card information.
†This information will only be used to hold reservations, book travel or purchase items you have requested. It will not be shared with any other third party.